Fishing in Dubai

Sports fishing in Dubai – amazing group fishing trips in Dubai and an UAE sailing experience to remember

Amongst the numerous relaxing or adventurous activities in Dubai, there is one which is extremely popular because of where it takes place: in a beautiful environment, away from urban life and in the heart of nature – in the Persian Gulf whose shores host Dubai city. Sports fishing can be the perfect way for any sea-lover to spend the weekend unwinding and savouring the deep blue of the waters; fishing in Dubai is an activity which can be relaxing and exciting at the same time. Being great for those who want to spend time away from family, friends or business partners, but also for groups looking to spend time together, team building and bonding, fishing trips in Dubai may be the next thing on your list too!

Aboard Ultimate Charter fishing boats or fishing yachts in Dubai, your experience will be unforgettable. Being a novice will not be a problem, as our crew will teach you everything you need to know: from the basics of deep sea fishing to the best locally inspired techniques. Fishing skills are perfected with patience, time and commitment, but we understand that not everyone has the time to excel at this sport, so we make it all as easy as possible, by introducing you to the best locations and providing the best equipment. Our sport fishing yachts and fishing boats are completely equipped for deep sea fishing in Dubai, trolling, kite fishing, deep dropping, and pretty much everything fishing related!

Our fishing yacht charter has a range of fishing yachts and fishing boats to meet any group size or requirement, whether it is deep sea fishing Dubai for a group of up to 15 on our American Professional fishing boat Moon III, or fishing using small private fishing boats that really inspire the true fisherman in all of us. Fishing yacht rental is made simple with us – we enthusiastically wait for you to contact us and we will prepare the entire experience for you to enjoy, in a flawless way.