Things do in Dubai

Are you a resident of Dubai or you want to visit it with your family or friends? Do you want to have an amazing holiday and to do something great and unforgettable? Well, then you should know that there are plenty of things to do in the wonderful and unique Dubai, such as going on a helicopter tour in Dubai or having a yacht charter Dubai that will provide you a thrilling experience! Who said that Dubai should be visited only with a car or by foot? If you are a person who likes to do spontaneous things and who enjoys spending some time in a luxurious place, you will definitely enjoy your experience in Dubai.

Dubai is well-known for its exquisite and expensive beauty, so if you want to explore it in a stylish way, you should know that you need to have a great amount of money to spend. If you have decided to go visit Dubai or if you simply want to do something out of the ordinary, you should not hesitate to think about booking a yacht or a helicopter in order to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of this great place! you will be pleased to discover that Dubai has something for everyone. During your staying in Dubai you should find the time for the following things:


Go on a helicopter tour in Dubai and see how this fascinating city looks from above; this is definitely a memorable experience, one that you will be eager to repeat as soon as you have the chance. You can see the highest buildings in Dubai and make a tour of the city in a helicopter. 

Rent a yacht charter Dubai and relax on a luxurious yacht in the company of your friends or loved one. How wonderful does this sound? 

Nature enthusiasts who are not fond of architecture and modern buildings can choose to go sightseeing and discover all the natural attractions of this fascinating city. 

Dubai has plenty of things to offer to sports enthusiasts as well. They will never get bored in a city where they can ride a camel in the desert, go dune bashing, learn sand skiing, ride Quad Bikes across the sand dunes, go on a fishing trip, go jet skiing or spend their days in a wonderful adventure park where they can raft, kayak and surf.

If you want to learn more about Dubai and its cultural landmarks you can go on a cultural tour. These tours are very interesting and they provide lots of useful information to tourists.

Wild Wadi is a place you should not forget to visit during your staying in Dubai. You should allocate a few hours for this wonderful place which is perfect for kids who love killing waves. 

If you are interested in Dubai’s cuisine and you would like to experience Dubai’s culinary delights you should not miss out on Dubai’s Street Food. This is where you can eat local Arabic, fast food and Asian cuisine.

Shopping in Dubai is a wonderful experience and this city is known for its luxurious malls. True shoppers should find the time for the following malls: The Walk at JBR, Dubai Mall, Deira Gold Souk, Global Village and Ibn Battuta Mall.

During your staying in Dubai you can go cruising and have a once in a lifetime experience. Most cruises last for 2 hours and you can enjoy a truly romantic setting, one you will not forget for a lifetime. 

 You cannot say that you have been to Dubai if you don’t go on a safari. This is an adventure you will love and you will definitely want to repeat. 


As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Dubai for everyone: adventure sports, sightseeing, helicopter tours and yacht renting, cultural tours, water sports, dinner cruises, shopping and safaris being among the most popular ones.