Super Yacht Charter in Dubai

There is nothing classier than renting a yacht. If you want the most amazing vacation in Dubai then you have to hire a yacht in Dubai. Apart from the fact that you will have a vacation like never before you will also be able to show your social status. If you need to impress someone, a prospective business partner perhaps, suggest to them a yacht vacation for a couple of days and they will fall head over heels with the idea. The super yacht charter in Dubai is the ultimate in this matter. The moment you lay your eyes on this beauty called Moonlight I you are bound to fall in love.

Moonlight I is among the best if you are looking to hire a yacht in Dubai. This 188 feet Benetti mega yacht is something that dreams are made of. Before you even go into its specifications you will simply fall for its ethereal, white beauty. Moonlight I reeks of class and sophistication and has an image that is second to none in this Emirate in the Middle East.

The Moonlight I super yacht charter allows you to entertain up to 75 guests. There are 9 cabins in the yacht that can accommodate 18 guests if they are planning to sleep over. The 14 member crew ensures that everything is as per your desire. Every moment you spend on this yacht is steeped in luxury. From the reception area to the dining room to the lounge to the sleeping quarters – you have extravagance written all over them. Some of the features of this yacht include a helipad, a spacious saloon, a mini bar with disco floor and top of the line AV system and Jacuzzi. In short there is nothing absent in this yacht that doesn’t remind you of the lifestyles of the ultra rich.

Apart from the Moonlight I super yacht charter you also have the option to hire other yachts. Deal with one of the top yacht renting agencies and you can hire a yacht in Dubai as per your personal specifications. The yachts are available from up to a single, full day to as many days as you want. As you set sail on one of these beauties you can forget about the masses and the milling crowds. Your party and you will have the time of your life as you set sail upon the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Visit the most desired holiday destinations in Dubai without bothering about crowds and have a grand experience of the Gulf and see how life on the sea is all about.

To hire a yacht in Dubai you simply need to get in touch with one of the agencies. It is, however, recommended that you do some background research. This is how you can find out the size of the yacht you need. Research will also tell you about the market rates and your expected expenditure. In fact you can forget about all this as you opt for the Moonlight I super yacht charter.

You can hire a yacht in Dubai or you can hire THAT yacht in Dubai. Super yacht charter is simply the best

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