Luxury yacht charter in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Nature is one of the world’s most lucrative attractions. Whenever we plan a vacation we usually look for a place that is beautiful to the eye. Most of us enjoy, long coastlines of beach, clear water and a safe community. Nothing calms the soul more than being on a boat in the middle of the water, rocking back and forth, with the sun shining. Yes, yachting, one of the best past times ever spent.

There are plenty of destinations that offer this kind of a vacation. Dubai however, offers much more than just open water and amazing sun. Shopping, fine dining and an indoor ski experience undoubtedly will be a major selling point as well. Not to mention the tallest building in the world being located here.

Chartering a yacht in Dubai is simple. There are a few locations to set off from which offer different views of the gulf. Yachting can be a bit expensive depending on how many people are required and the duration, so renting a smaller boat and going around on a tour may be more economical.

Yacht parties in Dubai are common place. What better way to spend an amazing vacation than on a yacht surrounded by seemingly endless water and partying the night away? It is an experience to be had! DJ’s get the parties started and carry it on well into the night.

Yachts set off during the day time or night time depending on the type of experience that is wanted. Daytime trips are more geared towards seeing the sights, relaxing under the sun and maybe working on that evasive tan. Yachts that set off from the Marina typically go around the Palm Islands and continue on towards the World Islands before returning back to their dock.

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