Private yacht hire - available yachts for charter

We are looking forward to discussing with you about which of the available yachts in Dubai you would like to hire and the kind of experience you have in mind. Yacht hire is a simple, straightforward procedure when appealing to our company, because Ultimate Charter has the client’s best interest at heart and we do not want to waste your time. We are driven by the aspiration to create unique and amazing memories for our clients. Because we envisage the perfect setting for your activities, the best and promptest services and the most luxurious yachts for rent. It is not just about hiring the largest yachts in Dubai, but about benefiting from a professional yacht management brought to you by an exclusive yacht charter.

Private yacht hire can serve the most glamorous event, from an exclusive product launch, a corporate meeting, a conference, a moment of relaxation away from the turmoil of Dubai City or an entire holiday sailing and fishing in a grand way. Ultimate Charter can provide any of this upon request.

How to hire a yacht in Dubai? With a simple phone call or an email. we can begin to offer you the largest and most prestigious selection of luxury sailing yachts and mega yachts in Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, as well as the finest yacht charter planning agents in the business to ensure your every demand is met. Please enjoy our presentation of available yachts for charter and contact us for the ultimate yachting experience.